Crisis Response

Oxford County Crisis Response (OCCR)

OCCR provides county wide emergency outpatient mental health services on a 24/7 basis at agency offices, in the community and in hospitals. OCCR provides crisis intervention, aftercare, and referral services. Call 888-568-1112.


Aftercare services are a maximum of 5 sessions that are focused on resolving the problems identified in the first contact with OCCR staff. These sessions are part of crisis resolution services and commence with the “day after” telephone call or office visit with an Aftercare Counselor. Call us at 207-364-3030 to learn more.

Crisis Stabilization Unit
The Jane deFrees Health Center

The Assessment and Stabilization Unit, located in the Jane deFrees Health Center at 150 Congress Street in Rumford, is an inpatient alternative to hospital admission. The person receives a full assessment of their needs with a goal of returning home within 5 to 7 days. The emphasis is on rehabilitation. This is a fully modern ADA facility with fully qualified staff. The crisis stabilization unit provides needs assessment and stabilization, not hospitalization. Call us at 207-364-3030 to learn more. 

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Rumford: (207)364-3549
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Monday through Friday 

8:00AM - 4:30PM 

If you are in need of immediate assistance please contact Maine Crisis Line: 1.888.568.1112 

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